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The Impact of Mining Exploration on Sangaredi Community’s Sustainable Development: Inhabitants Perspectives on Livelihood

Ibrahima Sory Madiana Camara*, Jiang Deyi and Li Lin

School of Resources and Safety Engineering, Chongqing University, China

Corresponding Author

Received Date: April 20, 2021;  Published Date: April 30, 2021


Mining exploration has left many communities in deplorable conditions ranging from livelihood sustenance to poor health facilities and poor road network. An assessment on the impact such companies’ operations have created, warrants considerable attention to unearth the realities of exploration effects on communities. This study however examined the impact of mining exploration on Sangaredi community’s sustainable development.

In that regard, it reviewed pieces of literature published on mining and exploration, which enabled the discovery of vital information concerning the subject matter. The descriptive review facilitated the development of literature that enhanced the development of the study. Gaps identified in the review process led to the formulation of suitable methods for addressing critical issues of exploration. However, this study employed descriptive quantitative and correlational methods, which facilitated the gathering, classification and presentation of data that led to analysis, description and conclusion of the study. This study distributed 300 questionnaires to community inhabitants, which enhanced the compilation of first-hand information regarding the subject matter. Analysed data using descriptive statistics and correlation disclosed numerous problems mentioned by respondents, ranging from health to education and poor road network. It was discovered that, exploration exercises have damaged lands utilised for agricultural purposes. However, deposits of toxic substances have damaged soil nutrients and exploration have caused degradation on the land tenure system. Such problems have left lands to be unproductive. In addition, poor medical facilities have resulted to numerous outbreaks and lack of quality education has led to many children dropping out of schools. As a result of the foregoing problems discovered as the negative impact mining explorations have created, it is but fitting for government and mining corporations to considerable pay attention to Sangaredi community and address such problems. This study is noteworthy to the Sangaredi community and other communities where mining explorations are conducted. In addition, academics and mining consultants will use this information as a source of further investigation on the subject matter.

Keywords: Mining exploration; Sangaredi community; Sustainable development; Livelihood

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