Open Access Mini Review

Ankyloglossia is to be Treated Properly and in Time

Fahim Ahmed Shah*

Ent Surgeon, Sur Hospital, Oman

Corresponding Author

Received Date:April 22, 2022;  Published Date: May 06, 2022


The medical term for tongue-tie is Ankyloglossia, The piece of skin joining the tongue to the base of the mouth is called the frenulum. This is known as the lingual frenulum in medical terminology Frenulum is a general term for a small fold of integument (skin) or mucous membrane that limits the movements of an organ or part. The lingual frenulum is a tag of either skin or mucosal tissue which is attached to the inferior surface of the tongue to the floor of mouth. Ankyloglossia (tongue-tie) is the general clinical term for the short frenulum which limits the range of movement of the tongue; there is still no accurate classification for this condition [1]. Although Tongue tie is of varied degree in severity but for all practical purposes clinically it can be divided into four types, this depends on how close the frenulum is attached to the tip of the tongue

Keywords: Ankyloglossia; Frenulum; Frenotomy; Frenulotomy; Frenuloplasty

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