Open Access Journal of Addiction and Psychology Open Access Journal of Addiction and Psychology (OAJAP) is a multidisciplinary journal that deals with research outlet and theoretical contributions that are leading in psychology and addiction research world. It views addictive behavior as arising from psychological processes within the individual and the social context. OAJAP forms an influential venue to express the views that are trending in Psychology and the major challenges faced by humans in their life style that leads to addiction. We publish articles of general interest on biomedical, environmental, social and political determinants of health which affects the people. OAJAP is a monthly published journal which provides a forum to submit their all types of articles like Editorial, Letter to Editor, Research, Review, Case Report, Short Communication, Perspectives, Mini Review, Clinical Images, e-Books, Video articles etc. en-us Attention Deficits in Alcohol and Drug Use Behzad Saberi* January, 2020 Perceptual Accuracy and Thought Complexity of a Correctional Population with the Wechsler IQ Test and the Rorschach Alberto Miranda*, Stephen E Berger, Bina Parekh and Ashley Ginter January, 2020 From Stressed Self-Esteem to Emotional Climate Change Georg Franck* January, 2020 Aberrant Prescription Medication Seeking Behavior Used by Prescription Drug Users to Obtain Prescription Medications from Physicians: A Qualitative Review of Webpages, Blogs and Forums Siavash Jafari*, Ashkan Nasr and Nazila Hassanabadi December, 2019 Alcohol as a Coping Mechanism for Social Anxiety Amanda Beccaria*, Stephen E Berger and Tica Lopez November, 2019 Counseling Intern Self-Efficacy and The Big Claw Metaphorical Activity: A Qualitative Empirical Study Michael Maxwell* November, 2019 Janz Syndrome (Youth Mioclonics), Two Brothers Case Report and Literature Review José Roberto Cárdenas Félix, Humberto Ortiz Castañeda and Gabriel Miranda Nava* November, 2019 Resilience: A Coping Strategy for Professional Women Dealing with Workplace Bullying Vanessa M Gattis* October, 2019 Recovery & Military Culture, Substance Use as a Coping Mechanism and Fear of Military Personnel of Obtaining Treatment Chikako Yamaguchi and Stephen E Berger* October, 2019 Recovery & Treatment of Sexual Addiction: An Interview with Dr. Patrick Carnes Travis Smith* October, 2019 A Review of Instruments Measuring the Negative Consequences of Drinking in College Students Lowinger Robert* September, 2019 An Instructional Support Method for Students with Disabilities Yxstian Gutierrez* September, 2019 Administrative Views on Teacher Tenure in Santa Clara, California Patricia Traynor Nilsen* September, 2019 From Confinement to College: Impacts of College in Prison Education on Formerly Incarcerated Persons of East Jersey State Prison, New Jersey Sanford Sandy Shevack* September, 2019 Impact of Neurodevelopmental Delays While Treating Substance Abuse Ami Norris Brilliant* and Joshua King August, 2019 Alcohol Use Disorder Recovery in Ethiopia Amanuel Haile Asfaw* and Jane Warren August, 2019 Understanding Dual Diagnosis: Substance Abuse and Mental Illness Jackson De Carvalho* and Darron Garner August, 2019 Shell Shock; War-Neurosis During World War I Divya R* and Ashok V July, 2019 Dependence and Tolerance in Opioid Abusers Behzad Saberi* July, 2019 Provider Stigma Associated with Treating Drug Addiction Bobbie Taylor* July, 2019