Annals of Urology & Nephrology Annals of Urology & Nephrology (AUN) provides a high-quality platform for academics, researchers, working on Annals of Urology & Nephrology to publish their work globally in the form of open access model. We ensure that every article undergoes a rigorous but rapid peer review process by our editorial team of experts who share the cross-disciplinary scope of the publication. The Journal covers the genitourinary disorders, urinary tract infections, adrenal glands, arena of kidneys, urinary bladder, ureters, urethra, urinary tract system and several other research areas. AUN welcomes original research, review articles, case reports, short communications, mini- reviews, opinions and letter to editors that embody current surgical research, education and clinical practice as well as technological innovation and discovery of new methods on Urology & Nephrology research. en-us Known to Unknown: Chronic Kidney Disease of Uncertain Aetiology in Sri Lanka, a Deductive Approach T B Ananda Jayalal* January, 2020 Calciphylaxis in a Peritoneal Dialysis Patient Sandeep Anand Padala*, Veronica Moino, Vidya Medepalli, Azeem Mohammed and Stanley Jr Nahman November, 2019 The Challenge of Detect and Characterize the Early Risk in Living Kidney Donor Transplant Col4a Nephropathy Fidalgo Diaz M, Abuward Abu sharkh I*, Garcia Murias M, Garcia Gonzalez MA, Alonso Valente IR, Pintos Martinez E and Diaz Rodriguez C November, 2019 Does 29Mhz Micro-Ultrasound Provide Uniform Diagnostic Accuracy Within and Beyond the Peripheral Zone? Ferdinand Luger*, Andreas Gusenleitner, Jasmin Kaar, Clemens Mayr and Wolfgang Loidl September, 2019 Vascular Injuries During A Robotic Left Radical Nephrectomy: Case Report Mahmoud I Khalil, Benjamin Schurhamer and Mohamed H Kamel* September, 2019 Water-Salt Metabolism in Rats with Acute Renal Failure Following Using Electrochemically Active Water Solutions Aizman RI*, Koroshchenko GA, Kozlova AP and Khachatryan AA August, 2019 Manchester Repair as A Uterine Preservation Surgery Sivakumar S Balakrishnan* July, 2019 Evaluation of the 29 MHz Micro-Ultrasound Imaging for Prostate Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment Whitney Stanton*, E David Crawford, Paul Arangua, Gretchen Hoyer and Priya N Werahera June, 2019 Role of Retrograde Intrarenal Surgery in Management of Renal Stones: 3 Years Experience Yadav Rajinder*, Puri Anurag and Gupta Pravesh June, 2019 Overweight May Have Some Positive Reproductive Benefits as Compared to Obese Represented by Higher Sperm Progressive Motility in Infertile Men Inari MI Ciccone, Juliana R Pariz, Ivan Iori, Giovanna Milani, Gustavo De Aguiar Andrade, Elaine Frade Costa and Jorge Hallak* June, 2019 Primary Osteosarcoma of Testis and Para-Testicular Tissues: A Review and Update of the Literature Anthony Kodzo Grey Venyo* June, 2019 Tubeless Ureterorenoscopy. A Dangerous Adventure or “Fresh Wind” Relied on Skills, Technique and New Technology? Itay M Sabler*, Ioanis Katafigiotis and Mordechai Duvdevani June, 2019 Peritoneal Dialysis in Emergency in Children:Mono Centric Study in a Service of Adult Nephrology of Eastern Algeria Missoum S* April, 2019 Robotic Pyeloplasty in Infants: A Review of Safety and Outcomes Christina Kim MD, FAAP* February, 2019 Hypercapnia in Hemodialysis (HD) David Tovbin* February, 2019 Specific Treatment of Bone Metastases in Non-PC Urological Malignancies Aleksandar Vuksanovic* February, 2019 Hemodialysis (HD) Dialysate Potassium David Tovbin* and Karim Awad January, 2019 Plasmapheresis in the Treatment of Male Infertility. Literature Review and Own Observation VA Voinov*, SY Borovets, KS Karchevsky and OV Isaulov January, 2019 Secondary Hypogonadism at Patients Hormonally Treated for Prostatic Carcinoma from a Cardiologist Perspective Stefan Farsky* January, 2019 Psychological Aspects of Enuresis in Childhood Timothy P Lefeber*, Olivia E Nield and Linda S Nield December, 2018