World Journal of Ophthalmology & Vision Research World Journal of Ophthalmology & Vision Research (WJOVR) is a peer review journal that encourages the advancement in the practice of Ophthalmology by rapid publication of high-quality original research, systematic reviews, meta-analyses and technology reports, perspectives on all disciplines and therapeutic areas within the specialty. WJOVR includes pediatric ophthalmology & strabismus, ocular oncology & pathology, vitreoretinal disorders, ophthalmic plastic & reconstructive surgery, uveitis, retinal diseases, vision disorders etc and all aspects of ophthalmology. We decided to provide quality research papers with recent and innovative knowledge that undergoing in ophthalmology research field to readers. It is a monthly published journal which accepts all types of articles like Editorial, Research, Review, Case Report, Short Communication, Perspectives, Mini Review, Clinical Image, Letter to Editor, e-Books, Video articles etc. en-us How to Perform Cataract Surgery on Patients Implanted with Phakic IOL Laurent Khaitrine* February, 2020 MicroRNA-126 (MiR-126): A Key Player in the Retina Sonali Nashine* January, 2020 Bromodomain Inhibitors in Degenerative Eye Disease; An Alternative to VEGF Inhibitors in Macular Degeneration? Joseph W Eichenbaum* January, 2020 The Relationship Between CD4+ Cell Count and Posterior Segment Findings in HIV-Positive Patients in Nigeria Modupe O Arowolo, Elizabeth A Awoyesuku* and Adedayo O Adio January, 2020 Attention Attraction in Circular Perception of a Three-Dimensional Object Losik George* December, 2019 Epidemiology and Aetiological Diagnosis of Corneal Ulceration in Sana’a City, Yemen Hassan A Al Shamahy* December, 2019 Demographics and Pattern of Referral of Participants at a One-Week Long Free Glaucoma Screening Event Elizabeth A Awoyesuku* November, 2019 OCT Angiography: A New Multi Modal Imaging in CNVM Shah Rajibul Islam November, 2019 Pathophysiologic Mechanisms of Computer Vision Syndrome and its Prevention: Review Abiy Maru Alemayehu November, 2019 Functional visual assessment, pattern of manifestation and refractive status of Angle Closure Glaucoma in Bangladesh Shams Mohammed Noman November, 2019 Pattern and Prevalence of Ocular Diseases in Secondary School Students in an Oil Producing Community in Rivers State, Nigeria Henry Ogbuehi, Elizabeth A Awoyesuku* and Chinyere N Pedro Egbe October, 2019 Pattern of Inheritance and Career Choices of Secondary School Students Screened for Color Vision Disorders Ibifubara N Aprioku and Elizabeth A Awoyesuku* September, 2019 Facial Onset Sensory and Motor Neuropathy Presented with Bilateral Neurotrophic Keratopathy Maryam Naser MD*, Amy Patel MD, Guy Massry MD and Nafiseh Hashemi MD August, 2019 Onset of Presbyopia in a Black Population in Niger-Delta, Nigeria AA Onua* August, 2019 Risk Factors of Strabismus in Children in a Southern Nigerian Tertiary Hospital AA Onua* August, 2019 Isolated Sphenoid Sinus Mucocele Presented as Orbital Apex Syndrome Maryam Naser MD* August, 2019 Visual Recovery After Decompression Surgery of Skull Base Meningioma: A Case Report Maryam Naser MD* August, 2019 Pattern Electroretinogram as an Objective Measure of Contrast Sensitivity in Diffractive Multifocal Intraocular Lenses Kenneth Lu* August, 2019 The Participation of View in the Perception of Object with the Variative Shape Losik George* August, 2019 Sildenafil (Viagra) as a Possible Culprit for Vision Loss Maryam Naser MD* August, 2019