Journal of Textile Science & Fashion Technology Journal of Textile Science & Fashion Technology (JTSFT) is an open access journal which provides a forum to share knowledge among academic and industrial researchers in the field of fashion and textile engineering. Journal of Textile Science & Fashion Technology focuses on the topics that include, Fashion Designing & Marketing, Modeling and Simulation, Fiber Science and Technology, Clothing/ Apparel Technologies, Studies on Colors and Dyes, Textile Finishing and Treatment, and also techniques like control of fiber and fabric, weaving and knitting, drape and finishing, sewing. Not only on these topics but also various themes of fashion technology falls under the scope. We majorly concentrate on the information about recent developments and inventions in fashion trending. It is a monthly published journal which accepts all types of articles like Editorial, Research, Review, Case Report, Short Communication, Perspectives, Mini Review, Clinical Image, Letter to Editor, e-Books, Video articles etc. en-us Insight into Emerging Opportunities for Sustainable-Led Strategies in Textiles Lynne A Patten* October, 2019 An Alternative Approach to Sustainable New Fashion Consumption: Shopping in the Retail ‘Waste’ Economy Lisa S McNeill* October, 2019 Cultural Sustainability in the Creative Surface Design of Fashion Products of Eco-Textile and Eco-Leather Material Structures Marlena Pop* September, 2019 The Influence of Grit, Goal Setting, and Social Support When Starting a Fashion Business Valerie L McGehee* September, 2019 Facing Textile Industry: Why Circular Design Has to Become a BA Fashion Programme and Creativity Alone is not Enough Sabine Lettmann* September, 2019 The Use of Mobile Apps for Health and Fashion Management in South Korea Yoon Kyung Lee and Min Sun Lee* September, 2019 Redefining the Future of Retail: Millennials and Gen Z Envision a More Sustainable Retail Culture Rebekah L Matheny* August, 2019 Strategic Design and UX Design Approaches in the Development of Fashion Design Systems-Products Paula Cristina Visona* and Hallana Gomes De Souza August, 2019 Punk, Fashion and Aesthetic Cosmopolitanism Paula Guerra* August, 2019 Fashion and Health – Utilizing Wearable Technology and Traditional Chinese Medicine to Design Two Wearable Acupressure Prototypes Chajuana Trawick* and David Yeung August, 2019 Progress in Textile Reinforced Ductile Cementitious Composite for Structural Retrofitting Ali N Al-Gemeel and Yan Zhuge* August, 2019 Identifying Future Demand in Fashion Goods: Towards Data Driven Trend Forecasting Elad Harison* and Michal Koren August, 2019 On the Future of Fetish/ Affective Value Shin’ya NAGASAWA* August, 2019 Regression Analysis of the Effects of Yarn Counts, Stitch Lengths on Depth of Stripes of Different Single Jersey Fabrics AFM Fahad Halim*, Iftay Khairul Alam, Md. Asaduzzaman and Md. Imran Howlader July, 2019 Braided Rope Sensor Based on Carbon Nanotube Yarn Yunfei Bai, Qi Xia, Jianghan Feng, Han Liu, Jialin Zheng, Danyao Xu, Sidra Saleemi and Fujun Xu* July, 2019 Social Media, Pre-Teenagers and Fashion Consumption: Influence and Consequence Emily Caroline Santos Miyagawa, Fernanda Barbi Brock, Fátima Cruz and Adriana Yumi Sato Duarte* July, 2019 The Social Interpretation of Knitwear Li Zeng, Zhimin Chen* and Osmud Rahman July, 2019 Modern Slavery in Global Apparel Supply Chain: An Important Research Agenda Rejaul Hasan* July, 2019 Analysis of Physical & Chemical Properties of Cotton-Jute Blended Denim After a Sustainable (Industrial Stone Enzyme) Wash Sazid Elahi, Md. Dulal Hosen*, Mazedul Islam, Zayedul Hasan, Md. Mazharul Helal and Md Saitham Al Sagir Rakin July, 2019 An Evaluation of the Quality of Men’s 100% Cotton Jersey Knit T-Shirts Elizabeth Easter and Jeanne Badgett* July, 2019