Global Journal of Nutrition & Food Science Global Journal of Nutrition & Food Science (GJNFS) is an interdisciplinary journal that offers accessible and comprehensive coverage of research that undergoes in food world. Our aim is to bring awareness in people regarding how our food style affects the daily routine and measures to be taken to avoid the complications and diseases which occur due to unbalanced diet. Hence, we are creating a platform to the research lovers to produce their works to the world and make them acknowledged. Generally, the topics include in our journal are Attitudes to food and nutrition, Nutrition according to our age group and health conditions, Dietary intake, Vitamin Research, Food Composition, Food Palatability, etc. and on number of topics. It is a monthly published journal which accepts all types of article like Editorial, Research, Review, Case Report, Short Communication, Perspectives, Mini Review, Clinical Images, Letter to Editor, e-Books, Video articles etc. en-us Use of Pesticides on Crops and Its Impact on Health Cyril Kanmony J* February, 2020 Food and Nutrition Trends: Eternal Life or Our Extinction? İsmail Hakkı Tekiner* January, 2020 Sustainable Seafood Resources by Applying Industry 4.0: A Short Note Chee Kong Yap*, Chee Seng Leow, Shih Hao Tony Peng, Chee Wah Yap and Wai Kong Ng December, 2019 Study of Nutrition Status of Population in Georgia Robizon Tsiklauri*, I Parvanta, L Jijeishvili, M Kherkheulidze and N Kazakhashvili November, 2019 Promoting Mucuna Beans Production for Soil Rehabilitation, Incomes, Food and Nutrition Security in Kenya Mary Stella Wabwoba* and Kenneth Mutoro November, 2019 Chemical Residues in Food Grains: The Burning Health Issues in Asian Countries AK Mohiuddin* October, 2019 Eco-Friendly Bio-Based Plastic Films as an Alternative to Petroplastic: A Review Asia Neelam* and Omme Hany September, 2019 Natural Antioxidants: Functions and Benefits- An Article M M Youssef * September, 2019 Plant, Human Being, Symbiosis Berov G Lyubomir* September, 2019 Social Accounting vs Food Accessibility in Developing World Mohammad Taghi Sheykhi* September, 2019 Food Industry Applications of Phyto-Synthesized Silver Nanoparticles Ivan Moises Sanchez Hernandez, Silvia Itzel Jimenez Aguirre, Jocelyn Jazmin Ortiz Garcia, Cristal Maldonado Cervantes and Eduardo Padilla Camberos* September, 2019 Domination of Pollutant Residues among Food Products of South-East Asian Countries AK Mohiuddin* August, 2019 The Impact of Food Consumption Pattern on Women’s Health at Sana’a Governorate, Yemen Muhammed AK Al Mansoob* and Muhammed SA Masood August, 2019 A True Comparison of Processed vs ‘Natural’ Sugars Danielle Bellmer* and William McGlynn August, 2019 Factors Associated with the time to Breast Feeding Cessation among children aged one to four Years in a Rural area in Democratic Republic of Congo Olivier Mukuku*, Patricia Lukusa Mishika, Loriot K Mudisu, Kristel N Tshibanda, Augustin M Mutombo, Stanislas O Wembonyama and Oscar N Luboya July, 2019 State of Food vs Income-Expenditure Gap in Developing World with a Focus on Iran Mohammad Taghi Sheykhi* July, 2019 Follow-Up Study of Torabi et al. A Cross-Sectional Survey on the Inclusion of Tobacco Prevention/Cessation, Nutrition/Diet, and Exercise Physiology/Fitness Education in Medical School Curricula Conner McKinney and Mohammad R Torabi* July, 2019 Inter and Intra Varietal Variation in Textural Characteristics of Carrots a Standard Food in Chewing Studies Rosie Morrell and Andrew J Rosenthal* July, 2019 Yield of Soya Paste (Okara) Influenced by Some Mechanical Parameters of an Automated Grain Drinks Production Machine Gana IM* and Gbabo A July, 2019 Effect of Vitamin D and Milk Protein on Child Growth and Health Yimer Mihretie* July, 2019