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The Rise of Shit Scientific Journals: the Tale of Prabé University

Archeduke Dubey1*, Sir Pa Capona Heritcher1,2 and Señor Bazinga1

1Institute of Engineering of Pele, Prabé University, Switzerland

2Department of Peanuts and Quinoa, Spanish University Muchos Superior os, Spain

Corresponding Author

Received Date: November 26, 2019;  Published Date: December 02, 2019


Stretch now your ear, stretch you have to listen to it. Dance the distance, tucan hear the melodious sound of Angels in our raw champagne especially from Kmaro who invited you to dance, to give your body to baby Science. That you came. And what we always do. De señorita fr señorita, phone in phone, keep us to fight. Sea fight pour a new tree, for the entire race from hope to our love, forever.


Keywords: Flabbergastry; Raclette; Lord kmaro; Prabe; Couille; Pa capona


Once upon a beautiful day, there were Three Musketeers with magnificent moustaches. They were humming on their way when suddenly, a princess in a castle, whose name was señorita Lopez, designations upon them. She was in pain because she needed the paper. Neither one nor two, pa cap and his acolytes gathered around a fire camp to currency how to take care of the case. Was she sitting on the throne and desperate for any one paper or did she want them to be in her success? They talked with the financial department, talked, and talked, and talked... In the end, they reach a conclusion that you should not hide the shit to the cat and decide to make the world of their incommensurable wisdom and answer at all greetings of the day. This way began the tale at the University of the Prabe.

Why Prabe your question to me? Upstairs is leprosy. Beautiful, stoic, he whispers: Pa Capona my friend. If you find yourself lost, walken, take a deep breath and bomb your horse. Open your eyes and look down at The Little Village of Conthey. Ridiculous (Figure 1).



The University of South Prabe (UPS) is a world-renowned university that seeks to publish high-quality scientific innovations and information in all types of materials science research. UPS accepts scientifically rigorous research, regardless of new developments in materials science research.

The newspaper publication principle is based on high ethical standards, and accuracy of the methodology and the findings reported. Material Science Journal offers original research reports especially when it’s full of shit.

Our typical electronic letters look like this

This is a copy of the message sent to the user’s queries can SNSF / Fiber Network Services, spol. s r. o., Toto, I e mail s by querying the form on: You are so sexy! Haste a fire made in my pipe. Find me yesterday.

What certainly means

Greetings from the day, Dr. fiber network. Because of Your Eminence and your great expertise, we are proud to have you as a “speaker” at our esteemed conference (SIC) (Figure 2).



Diopter - ground

The Prabé University is tolerant and welcomes any shit log with arms open (Figure 1). We provided original articles, abstract under-sides and key-note presentations to reputed congress. Prabé university also showed stis, potential for innovative collaborations, including with the highly cited breakthrough article of the peanutin- a-bottle, by the now-world-renowned Say-the year Binel. We’ll come back to that further down. Our main result from this month-long study is the following: disappointment. Señorita Lopez showed no fucking compassion towards Sir Heritcher and his financial problems, even though the existence of his lab, the oldest lab from Prablé University, was in danger. Then Señorita Fernandez consciously ignored our invoice, to the point that we now have to take a lawyer and we are going incéssement-under -, just sue their ass. Laughs good who laughs the last. Thereafter, without losing hope, Bobby La dérive contacted us and we hoped that this collaboration would be fruitful. At first, Bobby thought the lions were mixing with the cockroaches. Wrong, Bobby. We went up the church in the middle of the village. Bobby admitted his mistake and with all due invited us as keynote anchor. But the damage was done, and it was too late. As his/her last resort, he / she tried to call my colleague and my many crooks. No, Bobby. His attitude greedy for a reason. Word moved, and Timmy’s trying to pick up the pieces. We soon discovered who was hiding behind Timmy the trumpet (rip snakeskin). The Machiavellian Bobby is the one who pulls the strings and is behind all the invitations of these shady ones. On the other hand, the fearsome Carolina Sanchez has attracted us with the proposal to discuss with women dog. Sir Pa Capona, as a man of great heart, answered promptly. That was the end. His mailbox is now full of spam. The forecastle of the service of the IT a not known comment reply, thanks Bobby! After many regressions on the presence of the three acolytes to honor the key-note without losing the face, Archduke con-twenty-asses Bobby corrupts that his expenditure of research funds for flabbergasted the callipygous pediatricians cost Prabé the skin of the ass for legal fees, Bobby offered better discount of thirty percent. It is at this moment that the un new player is appearing, straight from the American National Union of Science (ANUS) - a magnificent new work of art in MCMS is appearing. Señorita Lopez did it again, little margulin!

The after-game

The avenue (not the Field-Elysées) of nanotechnology as a recent concept in salience of the materials has the impotence of improving the daily lives of Pélos without laughing yellow. As was saying the Eminent the editor in chief of the International Journal Nanotwist Prof. Checker: “the effects of a twist placed in the wrong position can lead to a whole generation of Pipole saying “Nan Nan”. The Archduke aware of deceit, not wanting to put the Prabé’s faultless reputation at peril, blew the whistle. Neither one nor two, Pa Capona, a writer in the soul, was feeling invaded by a feeling of devastation. Like a Maman, he was feeling himself responsible for the failure of putting Senorita Lopez in his place and advertising MCMS as an acceptable repositoria for science! The apple was not falling far from the arbre. Inspired by the famous words of Prof. Astley: “Never going to give you up, never going to let you down”. Pa Capona threw a shot of bigot at a pimp, like a yarmulke fallen in the snow before the 31st of December. Gentleman. Ethics-Pimp is up to this day still pinching on the box. This petulant small man, whose cravatte was not broad enough to cover his huge belly button, started a logorrhea sounding like one triste Bamba and is prevaricating about the legitimacy of the cas. The humiliation is such that the Department of Peanuts and Quinoa at the University Muchos Superiors Spanish pulls up its funding of the Annual Sauerkraut at the FC Sion. The Boss CC, from the top of his tree perched, was holding in his beak a cheese. This was without counting on the fact that CC is a hot-rabbit, and suddenly the cheese fondut. And like that was born the legendary Raclette without pasteurized milk, later on perfected by Prof. Asshole. This awareness to the end-gourmets brought back the support of the Department of Peanuts and Quinoa, which, as a cherry on the cake, put a peanut (a. k. a. peanut) in Señor Bazinga’s Beer [1-5].

These results underline the beginning of a new era of perseverance in a paradoxical paradigm and the concept of an evening as in “those evenings”. A little shirt in the decks under the aisles, a little peanut in the beer and the trick is done. The simplicity of the good humor emanating from the crowd after a set of DJ PA Capona is breathtaking


It goes without saying that you never can tell. But this whole history highlights some recurrent points and we try to only up the biggest take awaits of china town. Never ever prepare raclette cheese with pasteurized milk. And people who post some shit hit me really on the system as an honest PhD student in a “publish or perish” environment. Lopez the whore.


Our eminent colleague says-a Binel is nicely acknowledged for his contribution to The Peanut-in-a-beer theory. Big up to Pierre Billon and his sad bamba, as well as to Mrs. Cormier from the top of her 18 inches. Touch a member of my clique, nigger. You’ll see we’re not alone.

Conflict of Interest

No conflict of interest.


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