Open Access Review Article

Structural Systems Enveloping a Sport Complex

Obiri Godwin Ezue, Brisibe and Warebi Gabriel*

Department of Architecture, Rivers State University, Nkpolu-Oroworukwo, Nigeria

Corresponding Author

Received Date: January 26, 2020;  Published Date: February 13, 2021


Sport is a necessity for the development of sound mind and body which are needed for adequate and balanced education. Besides, it is an international phenomenon with socio-political and economic implication. This has facilitated the need for the development of sport facilities alongside other educational and social facilities in universities to enhance the participation of students in sport activities either as a full time programmed as in physical education or as a social and recreational activity. The study involves analyzing various structural systems use in enveloping sport facilities. It investigates sporting facilities where light weight structure roofing systems have been achieved at minimal cost or expenditures.

Keywords:Fabric structures; Tensioned fabric structures; Cable structures; Membrane structures; Material characteristics and fabric types

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