Archives in Neurology & Neuroscience Archives in Neurology & Neuroscience (ANN) is a globally accepted journal that aims to publish innovative scientific developments and high quality information in all kinds of neurosurgery research. Archives in Neurology & Neuroscience focuses on remarkable developments in understanding the human brain and its functions, disorders, diseases, behavioral disorders, physiology of the nervous system etc and the journal makes a room for information on various neurological conditions or disorders and their management like Alzheimers disease, aneurysm, amnesia, aphasia, ataxia, autism, bipolar disorder, brain tumour, canavan disease, cerebral palsy, cushings syndrome, dementia, epilepsy, Parkinsons disease and all the other neurological issues. We blessed to have a wonderful editorial committee who supports our journal in every step and helps to publish quality papers which enhances the journal visibility. Archives in Neurology & Neuroscience is a monthly published journal which provides a forum to submit their all types of articles like Editorial, Letter to Editor, Research, Review, Case Report, Short Communication, Perspectives, Mini Review, Clinical Images, Opinion, e-Books, Video articles etc. en-us Comparative Role of Paroxatine and Clomipramine on Anxiety in Mice Recovering from Stress Mfem CC, Nyoro IK and Seriki SA* August, 2019 Is there a Difference in Cognition between Epileptic Subjects and Healthy Siblings? Gien-Lopez JA, Hernandez-Rodríguez HG, Castillo-Ibarra EH, Martinez-Cerda G, Guerrero-De Leon JE and Rodriguez-Leyva I* August, 2019 An ICF Perspective on Impact of Environmental Barriers on Community Participation in Stroke Patients: A Qualitative Approach Isha S Akulwar* and Nivedita C Shahane August, 2019 Quantitative Characterization of Postural Sway During Quiet Stance Under Muscle Fatigue in Healthy Young Adults Isha S Akulwar* and Ishita J Sheth August, 2019 An Interview with Dr. Jerry Burgess: SPANS (Short Parallel Assessment of Neuropsychological Status) Michael F Shaughnessy*, Aaron Johnson and Bryan Moffitt August, 2019 Progress in knowledge of Alzheimer’s disease Julio López Argüelles*, Dra Leydi M Sosa Aguila, Lic Aleima B Rodriguez Carbajal and Lisan Montalvo Manso July, 2019 The Demographic Features of Concomitant Facial Fractures with Closed Head Injuries in Maricopa Arizona Malcolm Harris*, Tara Brantley, Douglas Hammond and Sabah Kalamchi July, 2019 The Brain as Peace Maker: Healing Methods Based on Nature, Art, Science, Fractal Geometry, Brain Research, Yoga etc. Konrad Frischeisen* July, 2019 Communication of the “Objective Reality” as Signal to the Senses in Orchestrated Non-Reductive way AK Mukhopadhyay* July, 2019 Dyslexia, Neurodevelopmental Conditions and Comobidity: A Rule Rather than an Exception John-Adubasim Ijeoma C* and Ugwu Chinelo J July, 2019 Adaptation of Mini Mental State Examination within a Population of Healthy Subjects in Mali: The Mamse Zeïnab Koné* July, 2019 Hypertension Induction and Avoidance in the Patients with Neurosurgical Pathologies and Concomitant Cardiovascular Disorders Behzad Saberi* July, 2019 Neurobiological Fingerprints of Psychiatric Disorders: An Opportunity to Refine Diagnostic Categorization Rory Fleming Richardson* July, 2019 Developing a Modern Mythology for Alzheimer’s Disease Mario D Garrett* June, 2019 Nonverbal Learning Disabilities (Nld) – Clinical Description about Neurodevelopmental Disabilities Myriam Velarde Incháustegui* June, 2019 Evaluation of Usefulness of Cholinesterase Inhibitor in Management of Schizophrenia: A Controlled Clinical Trial Saeed Shoja Shafti* and Abbas Azizi Khoei June, 2019 Intervention of Sleep Quality in the Onset of Concomitant Symptoms in Hospitalized Patients Gabriel Miranda Nava* June, 2019 Informational Neuro-Connections of the Brain with the Body Supporting the Informational Model of Consciousness Florin Gaiseanu* June, 2019 Acute Sensorimotor Polyneuropathy as an Early Sign of Periarteritis Nodosa: Report of a Case Valery Kazakov*, Dmitry Rudenko, Tima Stuchevskaya, Oxana Posokhina, Semen Perfilyev and Alexander Skoromets June, 2019 Extremely Prolonged Expiration Suppresses Left Amygdala Function; A Pilot Study Teruhisa Komori* June, 2019