Annals of Biostatistics & Biometric Applications Annals of Biostatistics & Biometric Applications (ABBA) aimed to promote recent developments of mathematical and statistical methods and its applications to Biological, Clinical and Health Science research. However, biostatistics & biometric applications became a part of our life in many areas where we go, so we decided to spread some more information and basics. It includes big data analytics, filtering theory, data modeling & analysis, ergodic theory, computational biology, hypothesis testings, stochastic geometry and algorithms, binomial regression and in related fields like agriculture, medicine, pharmacy, biotechnology, etc. We publish research works with high quality under the supervision of our expertise editors and reviewers. It is a monthly published journal which accepts all types of articles like Editorial, Research, Review, Case Report, Short Communication, Perspectives, Mini Review, Clinical Images, Letter to Editor, e-Books, Video articles etc. en-us Predictors of Accelerated Mortality of Tb/Hiv Co- Infected Patients on Art in Mekelle, Ethiopia: an 8 Years Retrospective Follow- Up Study Kebede Embaye Gezae*, Haftom Temesgen Abebe, Letekirstos Gebre-Egziabher Gebretsadik and Abrha Kidu Gebremeskel December, 2019 Developments and Applications of Biostatistical Time Series: A Review Shelton Peiris* and Tim Swartz December, 2019 Back to Hippocrates? Information-Based Approach to Subjects’ Qualities, their Statistical Estimations, and Evolution Lidia A Mazhul and Vladimir M Petrov* December, 2019 Lithium-Air Solid State Batteries with High Energy Density Nunzia Letizia*, Raffaele Solimene and Tushar Rajvanshi December, 2019 Diamond Based Power Electronic Devices for Aerospace Application Nunzia Letizia*, Raffaele Solimene and Tushar Rajvanshi December, 2019 Smart Wearable Dual Biosensor for Detecting Cortisol and Lactate from Saliva or Sweat using Graphene Nunzia Letizia*, Raffaele Solimene and Tushar Rajvanshi December, 2019 A Platform for Solving the Ecologist’s Dilemma; Setting Conservation Procedures Nicole Benjamin-Fink* and Brian K Reilly November, 2019 The Interrelation of Regularities of Differential Rotation of Physical Layers of the Earth’s Mantle and Regularities of Biological and Epidemialogical Zonality Andrey Kharitonov* November, 2019 Patient-Oriented Cohort System to Educate and Encourage Clinical Communications Brett Harnett*, Daniel P Schauer, Mark H. Eckman, Pete Baker and Robert Ireton October, 2019 Decomposition Algorithms of Blocking the Selected Edges in the Digraph Tsitsiashvili Gurami* October, 2019 Improved Algorithm of Blocking the Selected Edges in the Digraph Tsitsiashvili Gurami* October, 2019 Securing E-Library System with Bimodal Biometric Technique Afolabi AO*, Falohun AS and Adedeji OT September, 2019 Chance or Causality in Human Genetics? David J Galton* September, 2019 Factor Analysis of Meteo-parameters on the Stage of Growth of Birch Leaves PM Mazurkin* and AI Kudryashova September, 2019 On Some One Parameter Lifetime Distributions and their Applications Vijay Sharma, Ravi Shanker and Rama Shanker* September, 2019 Special Solution of the Schrödinger Equation: Realizations of the Solution of the Total Schrödinger Equation from the Link between Relativity and Quantum Mechanics Mohamed Daris* August, 2019 The Quantum Equations of Numbers and Numerical Functions and Real Quantum Marker and Relation of the Degradation of Matter Mohamed Daris* August, 2019 A New T-X Family of Distributions Clement Boateng Ampadu* August, 2019 Utility-Based Dose-Finding in Practice: Some Empirical Contributions and Recommendations Jihane Aouni, Jean Noel Bacro, Gwladys Toulemonde and Bernard Sebastien August, 2019 The Cot-X Family of Distributions with Application Clement Boateng Ampadu* August, 2019